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My adventures as a Gypsy going from school To school in a futile search for a real teaching position.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Worst Of The Worst - School #27

This week I was in the worst school in my year of traveling through the Queens high schools.  This small school that replaced a closed large comprehensive school far,far away from most of the City has many problems.  A poorly functioning student body, few experienced teachers, and an administration that changes every year.

The student body is dysfunctional, with many of them having very poor academic skills and rejected by other schools they applied to.  The rest are over the counter students and safety transfers.  The result is an unengaged student body, a college readiness score that's almost zero, and only 8 out of 120 students who took Earth Science actually passed the Regents.  The boys dress thuggish with pants down and with their underwear showing.  They also wear their hats or hoodies on and are always disrespecting the staff.

The teachers are mostly transit and untenured and last less than three years before leaving the school for better outcomes.  Many of the rooms are not real classrooms and are not conducive for learning and the students walk the halls with little consequences.

The school has had four principals in six years and the present Principal is leaving at year's end.  The AP's cut their teeth at the school and are gone in a year or two for a better position elsewhere.

This school is truly a failing school and how they can keep this school open and close a once great school like Jamaica high school is puzzling.  No way would I take a position in this school.  I would retire first.



  1. They'll eventually close it and all those newbies ( who think they can't become ATRs) will be ATRs. Vote NO to this outrageous contract.

  2. Maybe Farina and MULGREW should visit the school and report how wonderful things are FAR FAR away in never never land..I am sure they would love to send all the ATRs far far away

  3. frederick douglas probably and yes a truly disgusting place and probably the kind of place in which atrs will be forced to teach and I will retire too. Justin Stark the AP field supervisor from hell was an AP there. Truly Telling that the only place that would hire him and which let him go is a disaster because he is a disaster.

    1. Justin Stark likes to lie to push oldee teachers out of the system.

  4. Maybe that other awful one on the first floor there . Who knows they are all a mess

  5. I was recently observed by my ATR supervisor at this school. I thought I was going to get creamed....the kids were in fact, very helpful.....go figure