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Sunday, May 11, 2014

An Old Fashioned High School - School #24

I was in one of the few remaining large comprehensive high school and I was impressed with the atmosphere at the school.  No micromanaging administrators, the student body was respectful and diverse, while the teachers were warm and welcoming, with some notable exceptions (special education). 

The school is a throwback when high schools gave a student the whole high school experience.  Loads of electives, extracurricular activities, and flexible schedules.  The student body is engaged and appears happy.  If there was a negative, it was that the students feel that there are too many broken smartboards and some of the young teachers, especially in the special education department are unfriendly.  I did feel that as well in their teachers room.

 The school has good "college and career readiness" scores and most of the student body and teachers are proud of their school, unlike the Bloomberg small schools.

Parking is available and the front office was accommodating and friendly.  I certainly would take a position in this school if offered one.

Grade "A-"


  1. Make sure to spread the word to vote NOOOO on the contract!!

  2. VOTE NO...

    If anyone votes yes on this contract, they have signed their own execution papers. The only vote is NO. Whether you are tenured, probational, appointed, or ATR....it's a bad contract. The "raise" doesn't keep up with inflation, and ATRs are specifically going to be fast-tracked for termination And don't believe the hype, school closings are going to continue because for every school that get closed NYC gets more than $1 million from the federal govt.

    Mulgrew and Unity are not in our corner.

  3. Vote "no" like your professional life depends on it.

    It really does this time.