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Saturday, May 3, 2014

A School Inside A College - School #23

I was at a small specialized school that is located inside a college campus and was treated very nicely by the school administrators and the students were respectful and engaged.  In addition, the staff, made up of highly experienced teachers were warm, and welcoming.  I would tell you this was an "A" rated school but I did seer some issues.  The building is too small for the school and the students complain about the overcrowding.  There is no photocopy machine for teacher use and like all established schools their is a lack of resources as the budget has been reduced over the years.

The students are all great, mostly made up of East and South Asian students, all high achieving.  There is a smattering of Black, Hispanic, and White students as well.  The physical education facility is in another building across a busy street and the students complain about this, especially in bad weather.  Moreover, like all small schools, there are complaints about rigid schedules,  the lack of electives, and extracurricular activities.

Street parking is moderately difficult but for $5 you can park at the college's parking lot.

Experienced staff, great students, and an administration that is willing to work with you.  I would die for a job there but alas, they don't have classses in my content specialty.

Grade "A-"

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  1. We think we are nice to excessed teachers who come to our school. But I wonder what they think of us. (of course, wrong borough).

    Of course the chapter leader has an obligation to find and greet the person - but (as of last year), usually the principal and payroll secretary had already been quite welcoming before I found them.