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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Finally, A School I Would Let My Child Go To! - School #22

I finally found myself in a large comprehensive high school in Northeast Queens and was pleasantly surprised that despite the school's ongoing financial problems with the DOE, this school is what all high schools should be.

This large comprehensive high school has a very diverse student body, who show respect for their teachers and yes, even to the ATRs!  The teaching staff is highly experienced and sympathetic to our plight.  There's plenty of parking and  I was able to select my schedule. Even better, the school didn't require me to do a useless "circular six"  obligation.  The administration is "hands off" and let teachers do their job.

The school has loads of electives and extracurricular activities for the students.  Furthermore, the students can pick and choose their schedule, within limits and if a problem exist between a student and teacher an alternative program can be done to give the student a different teacher.  As you have guessed they have a high "college and career readiness" score  Many of the students are happy and proud of their school.  This is in contrast to the Bloomberg small schools with rigid curriculums and few extracurricular activities and many frustrated students who feel they made a mistake going to them. To me, the students of this school have a real high school experience.

Are there negatives at the school?  Yes, the classes are crowded, the Advanced Placement classes are single period and except for Physics, the Regents Science classes have a 4-1 schedule. In fact, with the same amount of students, the Science Department went from 34 teachers in 2008 to 23 teachers in 2013. Moreover, the school has excessed 15 to 20 teachers over the last two years due to their financial problems with the DOE.

This is a school I would be proud to send my child to and I would be ecstatic to get a position in this school.



  1. which school??? trying to guess??

  2. Sounds like Francis Lewis, Cardozo or Bayside but Cardozo doesn't have good parking

  3. Not heard of any of these schools.My child is going to a mid town private school in Toronto. But any ways, from the blog it seems like a great school to study in.