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Saturday, June 7, 2014

A School That's Downsizing And Excessing. - School #28

I was at a large comprehensive high school that was one of the former turnaround schools that Mayor Bloomberg tried to close.  Like many of the former turnaround school, this school lost many of their higher achieving students during the 2012-13 school year after they were allowed to apply to other schools.  The result was that this school lost their entire White population and to maintain their student numbers took in many over the counter students or students that were kicked out of other schools.  This has reduced the academic achievement of the schools as the schools college readiness numbers are plunging into the single digits.

The student body include high numbers of special education and English Language Learners and there is little student involvement.  The Administration is poor, with the new Principal unapproachable and many veteran teachers being given "ineffective ratings".  The school has lost many students over the last couple of years and will see a further reduction of students next school year with 250 less students.  Therefore, the school has sent excessing letters to 20 teachers, who will be joing the ATR pool next year, unless they are young and untenured.  Adding to the school woes, many teachers are teaching out of license.

Staff morale is at rock bottom and many are resigned to do what's necessary to survive the latest purge going on by the school administration.  For many who see a glimmerr of light in the future the only light they see at the end of the tunnel is simply the headlights of an oncoming train ready to crash into the teacher.

Everyday the secretaries tried to violate the contract by either trying to give me four straight periods, a 1 to 9 schedule, or having me cover for three different teachers.  Of course I told them the contract rules and they changed it.  No key was given to me as well. Not a very welcoming place.

No way would I teach at this school.


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