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Friday, February 6, 2015

A Small But Nice International School. - School #5

I was assigned for the month of January to the International School of Health Sciences.  For some reason the idiots at the DOE assigned two ATRs to a school with less than 100 students, as they only have a freshman and sophomore class.  As you can imagine, there was little to do there since the teachers did not take too many days off and the school frowned on the ATRs being used as "push in" teachers.

The staff was otherwise friendly, and the Principal was supportive and even arraigned an interview for me at his old school. The students were wonderful and very respectful to adults, yes, even to the ATRs! The school is in the Newtown High School building and like all co-located schools you can feel the underlying tension between the two schools.

Parking is a problem but if you drive around a little and don't mind parking a few blocks from the school, its manageable. The school is a prose school and that means Professional Development" up the wazoo! 

Overall, I give the school a  grade of "C".


  1. Ok she made a mistake. Big deal! So many nasty people.

  2. Who made a mistake? What mistake?

  3. Traveling ATR...

    Have you been to "The Queens HS for Teaching"? What did you think of their two-way secret mirrors?


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