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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sleeping And Reading - School #15

I found myself at the "fight club school" in Southeast Queens once again during Regents week since this school had my W-2.  I had a very relaxing week, as all week I either read my book or slept in the teacher's room.  They chose not to use me or the other two ATRs to proctor the exams or use us as hall monitors.  Therefore, my entire week consisted of rest and relaxation, can't beat that.

My week of doing nothing helped me realize how much stress the school's staff is under.  Unlike the ATRs the school staff had to prepare second semester unit plans, lesson plans for the next unit, and a twelve page questionnaire to be given to the Principal by Friday.  Many of the teachers complained of having three or four preps and some not being certified in the subject they were being forced to teach.  Others felt really stressed and affected their health.  They were looking to take sabbaticals to recharge their batteries, while others were thinking of resigning and leaving teaching.  It appears many of the teachers were not happy with the observation reports they received and are distrustful of the Administration they were once close with. 

Its good to be an ATR than being a teacher in this school with or without the students present.



  1. exactly why we can't be placed

  2. I am too wired to sleep or read a choice book. And the thought of not being included well, in anticipation of Regents week I was able to secure a conference and surprisingly through TRACS was approved. If it wasnt for the payrol secretary at the Brooklyn Latin School talking me through this, this probably would not have happened. God, Buddha Allah and all that is out there in our support in spirit and deed bless her.

  3. What do you know about the Queens HS Superintendent Juan Mendez?
    Check it out!! Watch out for him