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Friday, January 17, 2014

Low Pants And Disrespect Equals Low Expectations - School #13

My journey seems to have me traveling in Southern Queens during the first semester of the school year as I landed in my first small school in a Campus that used to be named for a dead President.  The school doesn't have a freshman class and many of the teachers are ATRs that have been temporarily placed at the school.  What happened to the teaching staff that was there before?  It seems many left either by resignation or transfer.  In other words, the staff is simply a place holder until the school; closes three years down the road.  School morale is bad, real bad.  Interestingly, the new school that will replace this school had a tremendous shortfall of applicants for its freshman class and is worried about surviving.

The student body is over 90% Black and the Administration doesn't even bother to tell the boys to pull up their pants, take off their hats, and to stop disrespecting the staff.  Cursing and bullying is common at the school and the girls are just as bad as the boys.  In one case I saw a girl grab a boy's  privates and wouldn't let go until the boy apologized for calling her a "bitch".  Few of the students care to get good grades, "just give me my 65" is what the common statement is when asked why they don't do their school work a teacher told me. I really feel sorry for the few students that try, they stand out like little beacon of lights in an environment of darkness.  The majority of students don't seem to care and try every conceivable way to leave the classroom.

The only good thing is that there is plenty of parking around the school and is easy to get to. However, unmotivated students, a demoralized and temporary staff, an uncaring administration, and a sense of doom permeates the school and while I was treated well, I certainly wouldn't want a position there under any circumstances.



  1. law and government - so Bloomturd how is that whole idea of breaking up a big school and replacing it with small ones working for ya! It is a terrible place - math and science is even worse - Cruz needs to be fired

  2. The question is how do we rid our teachers, guidance counselors, social workers, secretaries alike from the chains of the ATR crisis. No other NYC union allows this type of existence for it employees. The ATR story is so sad and so politically connected that it makes me cringe at the fact of how much of a low life people like bloomberg, klein, walcott and don't forget the famous 2 month chancellor no other than Ms. Kathy Black. People need to read the released emails from kathy black during her tenure the emails showed a socialite scared to death entering public work and especially nycdoe work! And, how bloomberg bragged how he made the schools better but the amazing thing is that this man has literally destroyed the nyc schools!!!!1

  3. Hello, I am an ATR social worker working in the bronx at a transfer school. The students here at the transfer school are over aged under credited kids that need a tremendous amount of care and attention. While an ATR at this school, the AP informed me to sit in the media lab where I am now writing on this computer. As I sit here all day I am seeing other people walking around "pretending" to be social workers and even guidance counselors!! When I confronted the so called "social worker" the person informed me that he was actually working for a "non profit" organization that "helps" schools....hmnn...
    I then questioned the person claiming to be a "guidance counselor" and that person informed me that he worked for the same "non profit" agency as his buddy the fake social worker. Both people did not have master degree level diplomas and both people were still working on their bachelor degrees. So I ask, how do these people get paid?? The answer is through the childrens network. So, get this, schools PAY their networks who in tern PAY outside "non for profit" organizations to come into the school and play counselor and social worker,,,,,???!!! Are you fregging kidding me??? The doe has gone complete insane under bloomberg klein walcott!!!!! This is sick crap!!! This is a waste of money!!!! This is as corrupt as it gets!!!! Bloomberg is the biggest phony in the United States pretending to be some sort of humanitarian pretending to care for the people and kids of the country. People outside of NYC, beware of this man coming to your town any time soon. He will want to dictate to the public what they can eat, drink, smoke and anything else that is personal choice. Put it this way, bloomberg brings middle east mentality to the US. Businesses in NYC have also suffered under bloomterd as businesses have been fined huge amounts for the most ridiculous things such as a sign not centered or some other nonsense. No wonder people, when the mayor election came around, 75 percent of New Yorkers voted for Bill Diblasio because diblasion stated he would reverse any thing bloomberg did. Thank you lord for bill diblasio. amen

  4. pick your pants up you fregen morons,,,,then you wonder why you can t get a job. also, send this picture to the doe and tell them to graduate these kids

  5. Assistant principals get the mikey bloomterds jerk of the year award for treating their colleagues like crap when indeed were all supposed to be in this together. For all the APs out there that sold their sole to the devil (bloomberg) in exchange for a AP job, shame on you and watch out because fate is fickle and fate does not like the shit head AP who is playing with a loose deck. Remember now, many doe employees have been apologizing to the UFT claiming they were FORCED to implement the bloomterd policies so remember you APs and you know who you are.....what goes around...........yeah you all know the rest

  6. anon 1:28
    So you mean to tell me that the fake social worker and fake counselor were working with the kids while you as a certified tenured social worker for the doe sat there and blogged all day!! Really and still get paid?? Why??

  7. Anon 1:41

    Hypocrite. You aren't calling out the truly shameful party, the DOE, which is having ACRs (guidance counselors, social workers, psychologists) rotate, while well-meaning but totally unqualified people tend to students' social and emotional needs. This is a scandal that the Post should have on their front page. But nooooooooo. It's not involving a teacher doing naughty stuff.