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My adventures as a Gypsy going from school To school in a futile search for a real teaching position.

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Traveling ATR Travels No More.

Yes, it is true. I have been appointed to a vacancy in a High School in my District. I waited until I met the Administration and believe they are serious in giving me a chance to show my stuff. Like all appointments, this is provisional until the year end and if it turns out to be a good fit, I will have a permanent placement and no longer be an ATR.

The school is not great, in fact it is a restart school with real issues and poor grades and yes, it could face closure down the road but for now it is an easy commute with available parking. Therefore, I will give it a shot and see if I am still that great teacher I once was. While my days as Traveling ATR are over for now, I intend to stay active in advocating for ATRs and will in the future be a guest blogger on chaz's school daze and write about my experiences on what I find in my new school.

I thank everybody for their support and encouragement and hope that we all outlast Mayor Bloomberg.


  1. Best of luck, Traveling ATR. I will miss the tales of your travels.

  2. Congratulations. I was an ATR for 3 years and finally was appointed this year. Enjoying every minute of being a "real" teacher.

  3. I hope it's the right spot for you!

    My main fear about these 'vacancies' is taking one, then going back into the ATR pool next year.

    Why do that?

  4. Congratulations. I spent 2yr in the ATR and am finally in an appointed position, and it isn't even provisional. The school is not the greatest (it has a "rep") and the kids have, um, ISSUES, but in spite of the craziness and bizarre mandates that come with being a NYC teacher, I actually like the school and there's even the possibility of moving into a real Reading position in September due to an impending retirement. This school may also close down the road, but for now, it's 25' from home with good parking, and it works for me.

    I also try to find our weekly ATRs and touch base with them, and refer them to this blog, NYC ATR (of course) and to Norm.

    Good luck and congratulations.

  5. Congratulations on your placement. I am very confused and maybe I can get some advice . . . I divided on how I feel about being an ATR. At first I was so depressed and disgusted that after all the years of teaching that this happened, but lately I am sort of glad that I was. The school that I was excessed from has changed greatly and not for the better. Many of my colleagues are all looking to leave. Through my travels I have seen so many wrongs that I am glad to not be assigned to those schools and I feel sorry for those teachers who are running in circles chasing their tails waiting to be crucified by their administration. I have come to embrace my situation because I know that I will leave on every given Friday. I have been offered a position, (far from home) 2 hour travel with tolls. Should I take it? Great teachers, Great School, but so much travel. Should I wait and hope for a closer offer? What do you think??????

  6. I would wait for a better offer. Why do the commute? and the tolls? it is not your fault you are an ATR. wait for the city to place us. you do not and should not leave your district unless you want to and for a 2 hr commute and tolls, I would not

  7. First of all ATRs are "real" teachers. Second, it's not about the commute or parking. It's about being able to stay in one place where we think we can teach. I'm dubious about anything the Doe decides including provisional hires in December.....with all due respect. They have a very poor track record and look out for themselves first and you last. Good luck.

  8. As an ATR in the Bronx I see that very few of the schools seem to be functioning for the majority of students as far as graduates being ready for success in college; maybe 25 % at best. Socially responsible behavior and common courtesy to each other and to adults tell me if they really have a chance to make it. I have no interest in taking a job in a school without those characteristics. Otherwise they won't learn the suvject matter either.

  9. Above is right.....maybe 25% of the schools are civil....why teach in hell? Or you could work for the UFT or DoE.....lol

  10. 25 pct may be a kind estimate. The DOE is really a true mess.

    Best of luck w/ the new position, but like Rod said, be careful with accepting a position in December/January because if they excess at the year's end, you're first out and in unfamiliar districts, who knows where you could end up as an ATR if excessing takes place.

    Sadly, I do not think now is a good time to accept a position. the budgets are being slashed again, schools are closing, so the ATR population will increase come next year and the way a lot of principals act, they feel as though they are doing you a favor by making you a 'real' teacher.

  11. I'm very happy whenever I hear that an ATR has been given a job.

  12. Good Luck at your new long-term assignment. I'm wishing you the best. Mazel Tov and Buena Suerte!

  13. Dear Annon: I once worked in a great school that was far from my home--but not 2 hours. I enjoyed that school until the principal retired. I got a transfer closer to my home, and I can tell you being closer isn't as important as being in an atmosphere where you are appreciated. I know many teachers that do not live close to their schools, but they love their schools. So consider this offer seriously if it truly is a good school with a good staff and most of all, good administrators.

  14. Dear Former ATR Traveler: Good luck in your new position. Not sure I would want to teach in a Restart School since they are mandated to use Danielson, but if this makes you happy, that's all that matters.

    Please keep us posted.

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  17. Traveling ATR.....

    Please update us as to your late 2013 situation. Did some principal suck the life out of you , and cast you back into ATR purgatory?